[A close-up of two white hands typing on a laptop] Photo by Luke Lung on Unsplash]

Ingrained warnings

The public side of private abuse, as told by a trans survivor

[A person faces away from the camera, silhouetted against a bright window.] Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

Back then

A white person with a nose piercing and long brown hair holding a slip of paper across their eyes. Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The catered coming out story

[A view toward Monte Cristo, Columbia, and Kyes Peaks in Washington State. The backdrop is a blue sky and white yarrow wildflowers are blooming in the foreground.]

The past two years

Exploring body and gender liberation

[A silhouetted bridge with a gap between its two pieces]

A trip beyond ‘Gender 101’

[A white hand holds a pencil above the blank page of a notebook. Crumpled pages and a coffee cup surround the notebook on the table.]

Despite suggestions otherwise, the answer is yes.

A Personal Essay about Gender Norms and Social Media

[the top part of a palm tree against a blue sky with wispy clouds]

A Personal Essay About Gender in Advertising

[An old-style TV with dials and an antenna sits against a bright green background, with the screen also colored bright green.]

For Context:

[a red apple and a cup full of colored pencils sit atop a white surface in front of a dark green background]


white, trans/agender, femme often disguised as masc, NW-based. exploring gender beyond traditional narratives. patreon.com/alixperrywriting

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